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IELLO: 2021 novelties

2021 will be some year for the board games community, because we have exciting projects coming, and there will be games for every taste: strategic games, family and party games, expert games,… we will amaze you! Let’s see what is coming this year, but before that, have a look at all the great games we released in 2020. You might have missed some!


Downforce – Wild Ride

Watch out for the dangers on the track! 

Clear the road! Here comes the new expansion for Downforce, introducing two new tracks: Aloha sands and Savanna Stretch! Pass the other cars by speeding on the jumps, and avoid wild animals crossing the road. Refresh your Downforce games and put your driving skills at risk with this expansion! More intense and varied games, more challenging choices! Remember: at the end, only the richest wins!

Downforce - Wild Ride

Schotten Totten 2

Welcome your neighbour: prepare the boiling oil!

Panic in Scotland: the war between clans is stronger than ever! Your enemies are now attacking your castle! Defend your walls and prevent your opponent from finding a breach! Meet the explosive sequel of one of the best card games in the world! Play as the attacker or defender in this fast asymmetrical and tactical card game that will appeal to your sense of bluff.

Schotten Totten 2


An original introduction to conquest games!

Restore the greatness of the Kitara Empire: enlarge your territories through savannahs and antic ruins! Kitara is a strategy game mixing conquest, movement and battle. Manage your cards to plan your actions: the more territories you control, the more options you get! Strengthen your army of Hunters, Cheetah-Centaurs and Heroes! Protect livestock and crops, move your troops and go to war. Kitara is a dynamic strategy game, full of tension and turnarounds. Very easy to learn and to teach, it will also be a great introduction to conquest games.


King of Tokyo – Dark Edition

More darkness, more rampage, more fun!

Turn off the light, meet the dark side of the dice! Rediscover the legendary King of Tokyo in a Dark edition, mature and brutal! The giant monsters clash again in the chaos of a devastated Tokyo for absolute control of the city. Angrier than ever, they now have a wickedness gauge, allowing them to unlock new powers as they lose their temper! New graphics and new game mechanic for the most dark & epic fun ever!

King of Tokyo - Dark Edition

Time Bomb – Evolution

A new time bomb, more explosive than ever!

Meet the new evolution of the best-selling Mini-Game: Time Bomb! Moriarty has now planted bombs in several London monuments and Sherlock Holmes' team must defuse them all! But beware: each defusing now triggers unexpected effects, and you will more than ever question the secret identity of the other players! Unleash the unique pleasure of this incredible deduction and bluffing game in a new version, more explosive than ever!

Time Bomb Evolution

The Big Book of Madness – Fifth Element

The magic turns dark!

The expansion The Vth element introduces a new Book of Madness, more challenging than ever. Face new terrifying monsters and discover new mechanics. Will you be able to overcome your Phobias and master the Dark Matter? Fortunately, new Magicians join the team!

Big Book of Madness - Fifth Element

Break the Code

A fun and smart deduction game!

The Code is a combination of coloured numbers that each player hides behind their screen. Each turn, pick a question card and gather information about position and colours of your opponents’ tiles! “Where are your fives?”, “How many white tiles do you have?” Deduction, intuition, and elimination will make you break your opponents’ codes before they find yours! Play head-to-head or multiplayer games for really different fun!

Break the Code

Flyin’ Goblin

Flyin' goblin mixes humour, skill, risk-taking and tactics! 

Attack! Catapult your goblin soldiers and plunder the riches of the castle! Gold and diamonds will reward the best shots. But beware: each room is full of surprises ... not always pleasant! From round to round, spend your earnings, buy extra troops and go back to battle! The bravest will build their totem on top of the castle! It will prove your superiority ... if it survives the attacks, of course.

Flyin' Goblin

In 2021

Royal Visit

Bring the king to your castle!

 The valley is in turmoil: the King is on his way! What a pride it would be for your lineage to have the King’s court taking a break in your castle! Use the powers of the wizard and the fool to attract the king to your domain, and become a legend in the valley!

A Reiner Knizia’s creation for 2 players: a smart and exciting tug-of-war game, where you try to use each character’s ability optimally to make the court advancing to your valley.

Royal Visit

Unmached – Battle of Legends

In battle, there are no equals!

Unmatched is an asymmetrical duelling game featuring fighters of all genres – from Sinbad to King Arthur, or even Medusa and Alice. Each hero has a unique set of cards that fits their fighting style. Every battle is unique since you can mix any set, from any box, and find new ways to beat your opponents! A quick and easy-to-learn fighting game, in which you will have to strategically choose your movements, but also manage your cards intelligently, to be the last player standing!

Unmatched - Battle of Legends

Unmatched – Robinhood VS Bigfoot

Ready for another battle?

In Robin Hood vs. Bigfoot, find two new iconic fictional characters: Robin Hood and Bigfoot.  Both are entering the fight with their own unique strategies: Robin Hood and his outlaws excel at ranged attacks and surrounding their enemies, while Bigfoot and his pal, the Jackalope, crash through the forest for quick attacks before disappearing like a figment of the mind.  Play this set alone or double the fun and mix it with the first box Battle of Legends.

Unmatched - Robinhood VS Bigfoot

Last Message

Find the culprit by following the victim's drawings! 

In Last Message, the victim of a crime helps investigators find the identity of the culprit by drawing clues on white boards. However, each turn, the culprit covers their tracks by erasing parts of the drawing! Cooperate to spot the wrongdoer in the middle of the crowd! Dive into different worlds full of life and funny details and pop culture references.

Will you investigate on the murder, or will you be the one sowing discord in the inquiry?

Last Message

Little Factory

Resources and development at your disposal!

Manage your resources to become the best builder! Produce or trade resources to acquire more valuable ones! Erect buildings that make it easier for you to get new resources and victory points. Buy, produce, trade, resell and build – all that in a deck of cards! Little Factory is an easy-to-learn resource management game, requiring some strategy. The game loses nothing of its charm and basic concept the more you play it.

Created by the authors of Little Town, Little Factory takes place in the same universe.

Little Factory

Khôra - Rise of an Empire 

Your city-state will prevail! 

You are the ruler of a thriving city in Ancient Greece. It is up to you to make it grow faster and better than your opponents! You can choose which political move to take at each round: Philosophy, Legislation, Culture, Trade or Military. Your choices will shape the future of your City. Optimize your dice roll, collect taxes, send your army colonize foreign lands, unlock achievements... and ensure your city will be the one to stand out and thrive throughout Greece. An intense and deep Race to development game!

IELLO's first expert game coming to your table!

Khôra - Rise of an Empire


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