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Schotten Totten 2: Interview with Reiner Knizia!

We had the chance to interview Mr Knizia for the release of Schotten Totten 2!   Discover what he has to say about the game, and his other games!  Here is a summary of the… Continue reading

Celebrate Christmas with IELLO!

Merry happiest season to you all!  This year, IELLO's little elves worked hard to craft some IELLO's Christmas ornaments, and share the love of board games all around the world!  And the… Continue reading

King of Tokyo Tournament

  So many years... of endless punches in the face, of never-ending clashes, of blood spilled, of relentless destruction… Time has come to determine once and for all who the true King of… Continue reading

Schotten Totten 2: Prepare the boiling oil!

Do you hear the bagpipes, getting closer and closer? Do you smell that good old scent of the oil boiling in the cauldrons? From your tower up high, you are scanning the horizon. Despite the… Continue reading

Designer Diary: The Long Road to Kitara

It has been two weeks already since you were able to visit the wonderful world of Kitara, and be transported in its unique legends. Today, just for you, Eric B. Vogel shares his designer… Continue reading

The Art of Miguel Coimbra - Interview with illustrator of Kitara

  It has been a week since the release of Kitara, a game inspired from the legends of Africa! We had the chance to work with talented illustrator Miguel Coimbra, who accepted to answer… Continue reading

Plan your Halloween Night with IELLO games!

This is Halloween, this is Halloween, oh wait, no it’s not yet! But it is in a few days… And while children are trick or treating in the streets, what is the best thing to do? A board game… Continue reading